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Far North Holdings Limited (FNHL) has Airport Authority under the Resource Management Act 1991, owns Bay of Islands Airport (Kerikeri) and manages Kaitaia and Kaikohe Airports on behalf of Far North District Council.

FNHL holds MPI (Ministry for Primary Industries) Place of First Arrival authority for Bay of Islands (Kerikeri) Airport under the BioSecurity Act 1993 and similar status with New Zealand Customs.

Flights from overseas, generally of a private/charter nature of up to twelve passengers, are now able to undergo MPI quarantine clearance at the airport. This provides a benefit to local businesses such as taxis, buses and accommodation by keeping income within the Far North district.

FNHL holds Life Line Utility Authority for the Bay of Islands Airport (Kerikeri) under the Civil Defence and Emergency Management Act (2002). This enables the airport to be kept open during events of civil emergency for fuelling and as a base for emergency services and evacuation.

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