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Cruise ships

Far North Holdings Limited (FNHL) holds Cruise Ships Authority under the Maritime Security Act 2004. This includes meeting the international standards for security.

Two FNHL staff contractors hold Port Facility Security Officer status. This enables cruise ships to anchor within the Bay of Islands and disembark passengers to visit district-wide tourist attractions and to shop locally.

The Waitangi Wharf was specifically designed and constructed for the disembarkation of cruise ship passengers.

Studies show that passengers travelling on cruise ships in New Zealand spend an average of $160 per day on retail while in port. This means that cruise ship passengers may be spending over $2 million in the Bay of Islands region each year.

There are an expected 51 cruise ship visits to the Bay of Islands during the 2016/2017 season, bringing 90,000 passengers.

Bay of Islands cruise ship schedule 2017/2018

Arrival and departure times are estimates only and may vary due to operational and/or weather issues.

Cruise ship schedule and superyachts

Click here for a detailed schedule including passenger numbers for the 2017-18 Cruise Ship season.