Opua Marina Stage 2 Resource Consent

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Project at a Glance

  • 173 new rental berths
  • 3 new commercial buildings to accommodate services for the local community and visiting boats
  • a new pile mooring area south of Ashby’s boatyard
  • improved public access to shoreline
  • an esplanade strip, timber board-walk, landscaping and children’s playground
  • a 48-metre dinghy dock and 56 dinghy racks
  • a boat ramp launching pontoon and public berth
  • a fuel berth extension

Consent applications have been made for:

  • Capital works dredging in a 65,200 square metre area
  • Reclamation using dredging spoil inside a 335-metre seawall
  • Placement of a 173-berth marina development and occupation of space
  • Erection of new structures and alterations to existing structures
  • Removal of pile and swing moorings
  • Placement of new pile moorings and occupation of space
  • Boat maintenance activities and associated discharges to air and water
  • Discharge of storm water
  • Placement of navigation aids and signs
  • Future maintenance dredging
  • Parking, traffic movements and storm water management

Opua Marina Extension
Resource Consent Application Documents

The following documents (PDF format) can be downloaded:

RC1 Resource Consent Application (revised 18/3/2014) »
RC2 Executive Summary (revised 19/3/2014) »
RC3 Ecology and Water Quality Assessment Report »
RC4 Cultural Impact Assessment Report »
RC5 Economic Impact Assessment Report »
RC6 Landscape Assessment Report »
RC7 Hydro Modelling »
RC8 Traffic Assessment Report »
RC9 Services Report »
RC10 Engineering Report »
RC11 Noise Insulation Assessment Report »
RC12 FNHL Design Plans (revised 11/3/2014) »
RC13 Building Plans »
RC14 Landscape Assessment Plans »