Completed Projects (2012)

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Russell Wharf

A community consultation process has commenced with a view to meeting the community’s aspirations for the extension of the Russell Wharf and the provision of a pontoon for cruise ship visitors to Russell.

Opua Public Dinghy Pontoon

Proposed refurbishment. Detail to follow.

Paihia Maritime Building Doors Alteration

Remodelling of the access into the building to improve pedestrian flow in and around the building.

Opua Ferry Ramps Resurfacing

Proposed surface structural maintenance.

Oyster Farmer Facilities

We are assisting the Northland Regional Council with a project to reduce the waste (timber and oyster shell) generated by the cleaning up of the oyster farms. The possibility of creating long term facilities for the farmers is also being considered.

Opua Marine Park

Refurbishment of 5 marine service units. Relocation of 6 businesses to smaller or larger units reflecting their business needs in the current market. New tenants include 2 national marine suppliers and a new boat builder.

Opua Boatyard (formerly Ashby’s Boatyard)

Now owned by FNHL, the business continues to grow with over 850 boats being hauled out and serviced annually. FNHL has employed its first apprentice boat builder.