Completed Projects (2013)

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Opua Ferry Ramps Resurfacing

Proposed surface structural maintenance.

Opua Marine Park

Refurbishment of five marine service units. Relocation of six businesses to smaller or larger units reflecting their business needs in the current market. New tenants include two national marine suppliers and a new boat builder.

Opua Boatyard (formerly Ashby’s Boatyard)

Now owned by FNHL, the business continues to grow with over 850 boats being hauled out and serviced annually. FNHL has employed its first apprentice boat builder.

Refurbishment of Paihia Maritime Building & Paihia Wharf

A complete refurbishment was undertaken in 2012/13 to the interior & exterior of both buildings to create a more customer friendly experience.

Industrial Building 1

FNHL co-ordinated the requests of nine tennants to cater for their changing business needs, expanding/relocating and creating retail frontage so that they were better placed to meet the needs of the market going forward.

Kaitaia Airport

Re-surfaced & repainted the runway.

Kaitaia Tertiary Education Campus

Stage 1 was completed and occupied by Kiwidotcom.