Completed Projects

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2012 Russell Wharf – Extension and provision of pontoon for cruise ship visitors
Opua Public Dinghy Pontoon – Refurbishment
Paihia Maritime Building – Remodel of access and refurbishment interior/exterior
Opua Ferry Ramp – Resurface and structural maintenance
Oyster Farmer Facilities – Waste reduction programme
Paiia Maritime Building Doors Alteration
2011 Paihia – Land Exchange Selwyn Road with Fire Station land
Ashby’s Boatyard Concrete Pad
2010 Bay of Islands Airport Café
Kaitaia Airport Terminal Building Re-roofed
Ashby’s Boatyard – Wait Berth
Ashby’s Boatyard – New 50 Tonne Travel Lift
Ashby’s Boatyard BBQ Deck and Refurbished Ablution Block
Security Cameras – Ashby’s Boatyard, Opua Marina, Paihia Wharf
Paihia Wharf Pontoons Refurbished
Opua Wharf Maritime Building
Opua Wharf – Bio Fuel and Fuel Berth
Port Opua – Branding
Opua Fuel – now under the control of FNH
Paihia – Selwyn Road Service Lane
Paihia Maritime Properties – Veranda Roof Replacement
Paihia Wharf – Handrail Replacement
Kaitaia Airport Windows Replacement
Ashby’s Boatyard – New Catamaran Haulout Trailer
Opua Marina – Clean Marinas Certification
Opua Harbour Board Building Demolition
Kaitaia Airport Windows Replacement
2009/2010 Kaitaia Airport Drainage Repairs and Taxiway Reseal
2009 Opua Wharf Fence
Opua Village Green
Bay of Islands Airport Runway Overlay
Bay of Islands Airport Sewerage Treatment Upgrade
Paihia Wharf Pontoons Refurbished
Opua Marina – Rubbish/Recycling Bays
2008 Opua Marina Building
Pukenui Wharf Gangway
Mangonui Wharf Fuel Pontoon
Bay of Islands Airport Rental Car Offices
Kerikeri Memorial Hall Demolished and Site Cleared
Waitangi Boat Ramp – Improved Carparking and Lighting
D & E Pier Seating and Security Fence
Ashby’s Boatyard Showers, Toilets and Kitchen
Ashby’s Boatyard BBQ Deck
Marina E Pier Fence and Seating
Kaitaia Airport Drainage Works
Bay of Islands Airport Secure Carpark Area
2007 Totara North Water Tanks
Opua Lyon Street Industrial Units
Opua Lyon Street Garage Storage Units
Opua Wharf Seating
Paihia Wharf Building
Paihia Wharf Charter Berths
Russell Wharf Ferry Berth Upgraded
Opua Port of Entry Toilet Barge
Opua Cruising Club
Bay of Islands Airport Twelve Private Hangars
Ashby’s Boatyard Boat Tent
Paihia Aquarium Building Alterations
Hokianga Wharves Refurbished
2006 Bay of Islands Airport Entrance and Landscaping
Bay of Islands Airport Departure Area and Lounge Increased
Bay of Islands Airport Outdoor Seating
Marlin Wharf Whangaroa Upgrade
2005/2006 Opua Marina Picnic Table and Dinghy Dock
2005 Kerikeri Stone Store Pontoon
Clansman Wharf Upgrade
Waipapa Pontoon
Purchase State Highway 11, Opua
Purchase Ministry of Education Land, Paihia
Paihia Maritime Properties Ltd (50% owned). Aquarium Building Purchase
Opua Development Stage 2 Plan
Opua Reclamation
Mill Bay Pontoon
Kaitaia Airport Runway Upgrades
Waitangi Wharf Canopy
2004/05 Opua Wharf Berths
2004 Selwyn Rd Carpark, Paihia – Providing Additional Car Parking
Pukenui Wharf – Creation of Additional Parking and Loading Space
Bay of Islands Airport Carpark Reconstruction
Paihia Wharf Public Berth
Salt Air Hangar
Construction of Boatyard Jetty
2003 Paihia Maritime Building Additions
S J Ashby Boatbuilder Ltd Acquisition of Company
Security North and Far North Fuels . Formation of Two Subsidiaries, Since Sold
2002/ 2009 Bay of Islands Airport (Kerikeri) Runway Upgrades
2002 Waitangi Wharf
Kaikohe Service Centre Archives Building Extension
Opua Industrial Building Two
2001 Paihia CBD Plan
Kaitaia Airport Runway Night Lighting
2000 Kaikohe Service Centre Archives Building
Colenso Triangle Purchased for Strategic Purposes
2000/2010 Opua Development Plan
1999/2000 Opua Marina
1998/2005 Paihia Wharf Berths
1998 Opua Industrial Building One
1997 Paihia Maritime Building 1997