Cruise ships

Far North Holdings Limited (FNHL) acts as the Port Authority for the purposes of cruise ships visits to the Bay of Islands. FNHL holds ISPS certification for its cruise ship tender facility at Waitangi.

At Waitangi, the tender pontoon is capable of taking three standard 100 pax cruise ship tenders, at all tides. The facility is capable of handling the large cruise ships with up to 5,000 passengers. The pontoon was designed specifically for use by cruise ship tenders, is 27mtrs long, and has a float height of .9 metres. On days when two ships are present, alternative tender facilities at Paihia Wharf or Russell Wharf will be used by one of the ships.

Cruise ship passengers are an important tourist component to the Bay of Islands and we look forward to their return. For enquiries and cruise ship matters, call the FNHL office on 09 402 5659.

2023-24 Proposed Cruise ship schedule