Far North Holdings wishes to clarify its position in relation to the eastern attenuator and the reclamation adjacent the Paihia Maritime Building. The company does not intend to develop either the reclamation or any additional berth spaces as approved by the current resource consent held for the Paihia Waterfront re-development project as part of the current proposal.

If the eastern attenuator or any related berths are required at some point in the future this will be applied for through a notified application to the NRC which the community will be able to submit to and comment on.

This statement has been made to ensure that community discussion about the project focuses on the actual plan of works outlined by the company in July last year and at public meetings in Paihia earlier this year which pertains specifically to the breakwaters and beach improvements.

While FNHL did not plan to construct the reclamation between the Maritime Building and Maiki Hill some in the community saw opportunity for that element to be delivered as a community led initiative through community funding with control vesting in the community.  FNHL has been supportive of this initiative and further provided undertaking that should the reclamation proceed as intended they will not build any new commercial buildings upon this.

“The reclamation idea has generated considerable debate from within the community,” said chief executive Andy Nock. “If and when the community can present us with a clear mandate to go ahead with this or suitable alternative options, funded by the people of Paihia with a view to creating community-owned and managed recreational space free of new commercial buildings, then we will support this”.

Neither the eastern attenuator nor the reclamation were part of the company’s plans for the Paihia Waterfront Re-development Project communicated widely for nearly a year, Mr Nock said.

“We have been clear about this all the way along but the fact is the Consent does allow for these elements. So, for the sake of clarity, we’re now confirming these are not being carried out as consented and we will only build the reclamation if the community wants us to and the burden of proof of this will be very high.

For more information please contact:

Irwin Wilson, Far North Holdings
irwin@fnhl.co.nz / 09-4025659