Paihia Waterfront Redevelopment

Far North Holdings is implementing parts of a long-shelved plan to develop the waterfront at Paihia in the Bay of Islands. It has received $8m of the Provincial Growth Fund (PGF) to build breakwaters that will protect waterfront infrastructure, including the town’s wharf and main road, and utility services such as sewage and water. For more details see our news release and the other tabs on this page.

The process by which Paihia residents, and interested members of the wider community, can be involved in the design of the waterfront re-development is as follows.


Step 1:  Public meeting and workshop (this took place on Monday 22 March)

  • define the project
  • a call to mobilise the community design talent
  • an exercise to consider the ‘needs’ of the community as regards the waterfront redevelopment
  • share design template documents and outline the process moving forward

Step 2: Produce and submit design ideas

  • using the templates provided, and taking guidance from the needs identified in the 22 March meeting, submit design ideas and aspirations for the waterfront redevelopment
  • submitters can use templates developed for this purpose (see below). These comprise three A3 diagrams of the areas in question. Designs / submissions can be sketched, drawn, written, include photos, etc
  • submitters are also encouraged to consider how they would like the shared walking / bike path from Te Tii beach to come around Nihonui Bluff and interact with the promenade. Should this be a high path at road level or a lower path?
  • designs can be sent to, dropped in at Far North Holdings’ office in Opua or at Salt Air in Paihia, or posted to PO Box 7, Opua 0200
  • the deadline for designs is Thursday 15 April.

Step 3: Public sharing of designs and collection of feedback

  • all community designs will be on display in the Paihia Maritime Building from May 24th.
  • members of the public will be encouraged to review the submitted designs and share their feedback on these

Step 4: Collate feedback and commission professional design

  • the steering group will collate the community designs, and all the feedback received, and this information will be forwarded to a professional design firm by way of a brief
  • the design firm will be tasked with interpreting the community’s ideas and producing a draft plan.  Once this is complete a second public meeting will be held and this design will be shared with the community
  • at this point the community will be able to give feedback on the draft plan

Design input – drawing 1

Design input – drawing 2
Design input – drawing 3