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Kaitāia Airport – occupation decision

A decision to call off a planned occupation of Kaitāia Airport on Monday 4 September has been welcomed by Far North District Council and the airport manager, Far North Holdings Limited (FNHL).

The occupation would have halted flights in and out of the airport, affecting regular passenger flights by Barrier Air, air ambulance flights by Skyline Aviation, charter flights carrying medical professionals by Sunair, and all other flights. This decision provides airline companies and the people of Te Hiku certainty that the airport will continue normal operations.

FNHL CEO Andy Nock says his focus remains on keeping the airport operating safely and efficiently.

“We received formal advice over the weekend that the planned occupation has now been cancelled.

“I was really pleased to learn about this. It means the airport can now safely remain open, which is a great result for all involved and the wider Te Hiku community.”

FNDC CEO Guy Holroyd acknowledged the occupation plan was most likely a reflection of frustration some in the community felt about questions over the ownership and management of the airport. The decision to halt the occupation indicates progress is being made on the issue.

31 August, 2023


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