Paihia Waterfront Redevelopment Project – Technical and operational updates

Far North Holdings provides an update every two weeks for the Paihia community on technical and operational aspects of the Paihia Waterfront Redevelopment Project.

Wave and hydrodynamic modelling

We have posted on our website a two-page summary by Beca that explains in layman’s terms what its wave and hydrodynamic modelling report shows (Projects / Paihia Waterfront Redevelopment / Coast and water studies).

The shoreline evolution report is due within the next fortnight. This is the one that will address the issue that many people are discussing at the moment – historic shoreline changes, dynamic shoreline changes occurring in the present-day environment, and the predicted effects of the breakwaters, groynes and beach renourishment on the Horotutu beach area.


Detailed design – marine structures

We met again with Waka Kotahi NZTA to cover the construction of the breakwaters, beach, promenade and footpaths. This to ensure that safety, maintenance and ongoing access considerations are built into the design of not just the final product, but also into each stage of the development process.

The borehole sampling we had planned last week had to be pushed back slightly. This work has been rescheduled so the rig will aim to collect borehole samples along the proposed promenade location within the next two weeks. As mentioned in our previous report, this is a continuation of the work done earlier in the year and works should take about a day. The samples will tell us more about the soil composition and characteristics, informing the detailed design of the promenade.

We are in the final stages of completing the dredging design for the Paihia Wharf approach route outlined at the Waterfront Development Steering Group’s public meeting on 22 March.

Finalisation of stormwater design is awaiting completion of the design process for the eastern groyne. These plans will be posted to our website as soon as they are finalised.

We have received the marine archaeology report. This has now been sent to hapū and will be posted to our website as soon as this review process has been completed.

We are currently undertaking the final elements of costing work. We expect to be able to release tenders for the project during this month or next. At this stage we aim to start work during winter this year.  


Design – waterfront re-development

We understand from the Waterfront Community Steering Group that the public submissions to the waterfront re-design process will be available in the Maritime Building from 24 May. This will provide people with another opportunity to comment or contribute their thoughts before all feedback is passed on to a designer to work up the draft design. This, too, will then be subject to community input and feedback.

Every effort is being made to ensure that community is able to contribute meaningfully to the design of the rejuvenated waterfront.