Paihia Waterfront Redevelopment Project – Technical and operational updates

Far North Holdings will be providing an update every two weeks for the Paihia community on technical and operational aspects of the Paihia Waterfront Redevelopment Project.

Wave and sediment transport modelling

Detailed wave and sediment transport modelling is almost complete. This vital work is being done by MetOcean and Beca, and the results will determine the exact shape and dimensions of the breakwaters and groynes. At this stage we expect this work to be completed by the end of March and it will be made available through the Steering Group and on the Far North Holdings website. We will of course publicise its availability on social media and through the Focus Paihia newsletter.

Geotech investigation work

Many of you will have seen a barge just off Horotutu in mid to late January. This was the geotech team at work, collecting borehole samples as part of the detailed design work we are doing for the groyne and breakwater. This work was completed quickly and efficiently; the soil samples have now been analysed by the lab and the results are being used to develop the detailed design for the structures. Speaking of…

Detailed design – marine structures

Detailed design work is progressing well and is on track to enable tenders to be released within the next two months (by mid-April).

We plan to undertake a marine archaeological survey in the proposed breakwater locations between the 22nd and 24th of this month. This survey is required by the resource consent and will ensure there are no artefacts present in the proposed breakwater locations. We intend to involve hapū and have made contact on the matter.

The engineers have identified possible sand sources for the beach. A particular type of sand is required, with a grain size large enough that it won’t be easily washed or blown away.

Design – waterfront redevelopment

A community steering group has been established for the project. It will oversee community input into what the redesigned waterfront should look like, the facilities it should include and various other aspects of the design.

This group will, later this year, ask the community for input into the promenade design. The objective is to ensure that the wider community benefits from this project to the greatest possible extent. This project is not all about enhancing Paihia’s attractiveness as a tourism destination; it’s as much about upgrading and enhancing public space for maximum community benefit.

On that note, it’s important for us to make the point that the community steering group is not Focus Paihia! At public meetings last year we invited the community to suggest members for the steering group that would best represent the wider community. This group acts independently from Far North Holdings, Focus Paihia and the Business Association and is there to ensure the best community outcomes are achieved from the project.

Waka Kotahi (NZTA) have joined the steering group to consult on a proposed shared-use pathway between Waitangi and Paihia. This co-operation between agencies aims to develop an integrated pathway design that meets the needs of the community.