Paihia Waterfront Redevelopment Project – Technical and operational updates

Far North Holdings provides an update every two weeks for the Paihia community on technical and operational aspects of the Paihia Waterfront Redevelopment Project.

Wave and hydrodynamic modelling

We have posted on our website a two-page summary by Beca that explains in layman’s terms what its wave and hydrodynamic modelling report shows (Projects / Paihia Waterfront Redevelopment / Coast and water studies).

Detailed design – marine structures

Detailed design work continues and all plans are due for completion shortly. During the week of 12 April we had a Cone Penetrometer Test (CPT) rig in action on the waterfront. This was undertaking geotechnical (geotech) investigation work along the proposed promenade area.

This fortnight the rig will be back to collect borehole samples along the proposed promenade location. This is a continuation of the work done earlier in the year and works should take about a day. The samples will tell us more about the soil composition and characteristics, informing the detailed design of the promenade.

We are still in the process of finalising the dredging design for the Paihia Wharf approach route outlined at the Waterfront Development Steering Group’s public meeting on 22 March.

We have received a draft version of the marine archaeology report. As soon as we have received the final version this will be presented to hapū and then posted on our website – in that order.

We expect to be able to release tenders for the project by May/ June. At this stage we aim to start work during winter this year.  

Design – waterfront re-development

The Paihia Waterfront Development Steering Group’s call for submissions from the community about design ideas for the re-developed Paihia waterfront has prompted some input. These will be displayed in the Paihia Maritime Building in the old skydive area during May for people to comment on and add their thoughts to, before being sent to a designer to work up in a formal fashion – watch out for further information from the Steering Group about this process.