Paihia Waterfront Redevelopment Project – Technical and operational updates

Far North Holdings provides an update every two weeks for the Paihia community on technical and operational aspects of the Paihia Waterfront Redevelopment Project.

Wave and hydrodynamic modelling

This vital work undertaken by MetOcean and Beca is now available on our website (Projects / Paihia Waterfront Redevelopment / Coast and water studies). It will determine the exact shape and dimensions of the breakwaters and groynes and inform other aspects of our work on the marine structures.

We have asked Beca for a two-page summary explaining in layman’s terms what its wave and hydrodynamic modelling report shows. This will be available within the next few weeks and we’ll pop it up on the website as soon as it arrives.

Detailed design – marine structures

Detailed design work continues. We have completed the draft stormwater design and the detailed plans of other elements are due for completion within the next few weeks.

We have received the geotech laboratory results of the test dredging and borehole sampling we undertook earlier in the year – these will inform how we build the eastern abutment and promenade. We are also in the process of finalising the dredging plan for the Paihia Wharf approach route outlined at the Waterfront Development Steering Group’s public meeting on 22 March.

We expect the marine archaeology report to be delivered within the next two weeks. This will be presented to hapū and then posted on our website, in that order.

We still expect to be able to release tenders for the project by May. At this stage we aim to start work during winter this year.

Design – waterfront re-development

If you live in Paihia, or if you have an interest in what happens in the town, please get involved in the design of the waterfront re-development.

The Paihia Waterfront Development Steering Group is the community-led organisation that is promoting and co-ordinating community input to the design process.

Last Monday (22 March) the Steering Group held a public meeting at the Scenic Hotel where it laid out plans for the community’s involvement. Details can be found on our website: Projects / Paihia Waterfront Redevelopment / Community design input.

Please get involved! Download the design templates from this section of our website and submit your fabulous ideas for consideration by Thursday 15 April. Details of how to submit your input are included with the design templates. Let the Steering Group know what YOU need and want the re-developed Paihia waterfront to look like.

If you missed the meeting and would like to get an idea of how it went you can find a copy of the Steering Group’s presentation on our website at Projects / Paihia Waterfront Redevelopment / Community Steering Group meetings.

Alternatively, here’s a 40-minute video summary of the two-hour meeting: