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About Us

Far North Holdings Limited (FNHL) is the commercial arm of the Far North District Council, tasked with a specific Statement of Intent to drive economic and community development across the region. 

Operating commercially over the past 17 years, FNHL has pioneered numerous economic and community initiatives across Northland and stands at the forefront of stimulating growth and prosperity for the benefit of Far North ratepayers.
Notable projects include - Opua Marina,  the Ngawha Innovation and Enterprise Park (NIEP), 60 homes with Te Hau Ora O Ngapuhi through its subsidiary Far North Housing, community projects such as Manea, Te Hononga and Ngawha Springs and others.
These projects have attracted significant investment into the region and have created a wealth of employment opportunities, enhancing the quality of life for local communities. 

Through a maritime contract with FNDC , FNHL has secured funding that has enabled the company to deliver key community marine infrastructure projects at Hokianga, Mangonui, Unahi, Pukenui, Paihia, Russell and Opua.

Operating to deliver
region-wide prosperity

Under the guidance of an independent, professionally-appointed Board, FNHL operates with financial responsibility and integrity, reinvesting 50 per cent of its profits into vital infrastructure, assets and new business ventures. 


FNHL's Board is also responsible for overseeing the management of the company, ensuring alignment with the goals and objectives captured in our Statement of Intent, which is reviewed and agreed upon annually with FNDC.

Kerikeri Airport Entrance
Housing Project Opening

Economic & Community Outcomes 

Our strategic approach has mitigated the need for higher general rates, with FNHL's activities helping reduce rates by securing grant funding for key infrastructure that would otherwise be funded via the LTP, contributing directly $360,000 a year in rates itself from the property it has built and owns and in paying council an annual dividend.

We are dedicated to delivering tangible benefits to our community, including local whānau, businesses and ratepayers.


In addition to the direct positive impact that our asset portfolio delivers our investments and strategic management continues to have a wide reach, uplifting and supporting the community that we serve. 

Our Vision & Values

Guided by a dedication to support and elevate our communities, we aspire to provide unwavering service, robust dividend growth and strategic asset expansion.


This commitment aims to cultivate positive relationships, earning respect from both stakeholders and the communities we serve.

This vision and our values form the basis of our organisational culture by guiding behaviour and performance in the workplace, our six core values include -

Financial Responsibility: Manage resources judiciously, optimizing financial performance for sustainable growth and dividend excellence.


Community Focus: Prioritize community needs, actively partnering with mana whenua and contributing to the well-being of the areas we serve.

Integrity: Uphold the highest ethical standards, ensuring honesty, and accountability.


Sustainability: Foster a culture of environmental and social responsibility, promoting sustainable practices and innovations.


Collaboration: Promote teamwork and collaboration, recognizing the importance of partnering with mana whenua and the value of collective effort.

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