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Housing Development Far North

Building houses & creating homes

The critical housing shortage in the Far North District was identified by Far North Holdings Limited back in 2000. Over the course of several months, we became registered as a direct leasing partner with the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development (MHUD). This registration allowed us to work closely with local community housing providers and MHUD in helping to address the supply of homes to those most in need.


This registration and work also met with the direction provided to us by FNDC through our Statement of Intent to “develop a housing portfolio that helps to address community housing needs”. 

Far North Holdings Limited subsequently established a wholly owned subsidiary Far North Housing Ltd, with two FNHL directors and two housing industry specialists to focus on maximising the housing outcomes for our communities. In partnership with local community housing providers, we have completed two developments providing for 78 one, two and three-bedroom homes and are currently on site with another development that will provide a further 43 homes.


We are also supporting a number of local organisations and hapu groups to become registered as community housing providers, to increase and improve our district's capability in this space.


Far North Housing Ltd Board

Murray McNully Chair

Murray McCully CNZM 


Murray McCully served for 30 years as the Member of Parliament for East Coast Bays, and over sixteen years as a Minister in the Bolger, Shipley, Key and English Governments. He held a range of portfolios including Foreign Affairs, Housing and Sport.

He currently chairs the boards of Te Tai Tokerau Water Trust and Far North Holdings.

Bill Birnie

Bill Birnie CNZM

In addition to his long career in investment banking, Bill brings a vast array of governance experience, including deputy chair of High Performance Sport New Zealand, Sport New Zealand and the New Zealand Film Commission.


Bill has also been involved in various trusts and groups like the Wellington Stadium Trust and KidsCan Charitable Trust. Prior to his current position, Bill spent 11 years as FNHL Director and also served as Board Chair for part of that tenure. In 2018, his diverse contributions to governance earned him the Companion of the New Zealand Order of Merit (CNZM).


Sarah Petersen FCA

A Chartered Accountant, Sarah is Deputy Chair and Chair of the Audit & Risk Committee for Far North Holdings.  


Sarah Petersen has broad governance experience, including experience of investment assessment, risk management, and economic development. Raised and educated in Tai Tokerau, she brings a deep understanding of Northland's economy and serves as a Director for a number of other organisations.

Brian Donnelly

Brian Donnelly

Bringing extensive experience from public, private and community  sectors, Brian adds invaluable expertise to the Far North Housing Ltd Board.


Notably, he served as the inaugural Executive Director of the NZ Housing Foundation for 17 years. Brian's leadership extends to chairing and directing multiple housing-related entities, including the Wilson Home Trust Board and the Tamaki Regeneration Company, while also advising on Ministerial Panels.


Kamo Road Housing development Whangarei 

Kamo Road was FNHL's first venture into housing development, it was deliberately managed at a small scale to ensure the standard of accommodation required by the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development could be delivered whilst proving it was a viable proposition for the company to pursue.


The project was delivered via a partnership with local community housing provider (CHP) Kāhui Tū Kaha to develop 18 x 1 bedroom units on a site close to all the necessary amenities, as well as being on the local bus route to Whangarei.


The Kamo Road project has proved hugely successful and has had positive feedback from the community since its opening. 

This initial project has springboarded our activities within this critial sector and we are continuing to expand and support a number of local organisations and hapu groups so that we can increase and improve our district's capability in this space.

Western Village housing development Kaitaia

FNHL and Claud Switzer Memorial Trust (CSMT) are working in partnership to build much-needed homes for Te Hiku residents over 50.  With an increasing population and a growing housing register, the new housing project offers an innovative solution to the region’s housing crisis.

Subject to Resource Consent and Ministry of Housing & Urban Development approvals, the proposed Western Village development will provide 28 one-bedroom units in Kaitaia, to house 1-2 people per unit or new homes for up to 56 community members.

CSMT manager Tina Mills said supporting the community, with a focus on opportunities to build more homes for the aged and needy, aligned with the vision of the organisation and its namesake, the late Claud Ivon Switzer.

“We are very aware of the housing needs of our people in the Te Hiku community, specifically for those in need aged 50+,” Mills said.
“In line with the Eden philosophy we embrace at Switzer, we are passionate about creating authentic human habitats that uphold an individual’s right to a life full of purpose, connection, empowerment, and possibility, regardless of age or changing abilities. We are therefore very excited to be able to get this project off the ground to ease some of the burdens on individuals and their families in the area.”

Mills said that after attending a presentation from FNHL on the future planning of Kaitaia Community Projects, Switzer saw an opportunity to become a registered Community Housing Provider (CHP).


“The pathway to continuing to provide housing was to become a CHP and FNHL has helped guide, support and advise us to achieve this accreditation,” Mills said.

FNHL CEO Andy Nock said FNHL was always looking to work with communities around Te Tai Tokerau, with the goal of generating long-term beneficial outcomes.


Nock said he was proud of what the Switzer housing partnership had achieved and hoped to partner with others in Te Tai Tokerau to achieve CHP status. 

The proposed 28 units have been designed to be accessible (8 fully accessible and 8 partially accessible with the balance being a standard home design. The homes will support independent living, while encouraging health, well-being, and community among tenants.


The Western Village community housing project will include a functional landscape design, consisting of extensive fruit trees and vegetable gardens, a covered gathering area, recycling and parking facilities.


The project is expected to be completed by August 2025.

"FNHL is all about helping to create prosperous, thriving communities and for this to exist we need to be developing homes that provide their residents with quality of life and healthy living conditions.
This can only be achieved by partnering with the local organisations who understand the needs of individuals and families living in those communities" 
FNHL CEO Andy Nock

Te Kohekohe Housing, Kaikohe

In response to the dire need for housing affordability and accessibility in Kaikohe, Te Hau Ora o Ngāpuhi (THOON) and Far North Holdings Ltd (FNHL) have come up with their own solution by working together to create the country’s first-ever co-owned, co-built housing development, ‘Te Kohekohe’. 
The community housing project, located at the rear of 158 Broadway in Kaikohe, opened stage 1 last October and stage 2 and 3 in May. In September Stage 4 will provide nine 2-bedroom units and four 3-bedroom units, totaling 60 new homes.

As part of the partnership agreement, FNHL will provide property development expertise and support, along with coordination of the project from design through to the consenting process and construction through to completion.  

FNHL CEO Andy Nock said he was delighted to be working with THOON to help address critical housing needs in Te Tai Tokerau and the partnership between THOON and Far North Housing (a FNHL-owned subsidiary) was ground-breaking. "Our partnership is really valuable and has proven what can be achieved when working together strategically to secure funding and develop much-needed housing." Nock said. 


In conjunction with the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development, THOON and Far North Housing will build and jointly-own Te Kohekohe, which THOON will tenant and manage as the community housing provider. 


"THOON has a deep understanding of the community and their needs, so will also have trained staff to provide wrap-around services for whānau in these homes.” 


THOON CEO Tia Ashby agreed the community housing site was a significant moment for everyone and something both organisations had worked diligently towards addressing the pressing issue of housing affordability and accessibility in the community. 

“Together with FNHL and our partners, we remain steadfast in our pursuit of creating a brighter future for all.”

“As an Iwi Māori provider, it’s exciting to be able to deliver housing solutions during a housing crisis and our partnership with FNHL underscores a shared commitment to making a positive impact on the lives of whānau in our community.”    

THOON CEO Tia Ashby 

Ranfurly Street Housing Dargaville 

Building upon the strong relationship forged with Kahui Tu Kaha during the Kamo Road project, and recognizing the pressing need for housing in Northland, Far North Housing Ltd, with approval from FNDC, has committed to a joint venture with Kahui Tu Kaha. Together we will develop 43 homes comprising of 1, 2, and 3 bedrooms on a site adjacent to the hospital, situated at the end of Ranfurly St.

Upon project completion, Kahui Tu Kaha will take ownership of 15 homes, consisting of 2 and 3 bedrooms, constructed by Transbuild. Far North Housing Ltd will retain the remaining properties, which will be leased and managed by Kahui Tu Kaha.

In partnership with MHUD, Far North Housing Ltd endeavors to empower community housing providers to build their own property portfolios, rather than solely oversee the assets of others.


As the sole entity operating in this capacity in Northland and by offering a comprehensive turn-key development solution with no financial risk to housing providers, we have assumed a pivotal role in addressing housing challenges across the region.

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