Far North Holdings has had commitment from the Provincial Growth Fund (PGF) for a second round of funding in support of the proposed innovation and enterprise park the Far North District Council-owned company aims to develop near Kaikohe. The PGF has committed $19.5 million to fund site preparation, roads and drainage.

The PGF’s latest round of funding for the Ngawha Innovation and Enterprise Park will be released in two tranches. The first tranche of $1.5 million will enable Far North Holdings to complete detailed engineering design, planning and the tender process. This will confirm, to the satisfaction of Far North Holdings and the government, the actual cost of the development and the commercial viability of the first stage of the park.

If the project is deemed viable the government will release the balance of the funding announced today ($18 million) and the earthworks, roading and infrastructure construction work will start in September. This PGF-funded work will involve about 150 workers.

Construction of buildings and other facilities could involve a further 400 construction workers.

Far North Holdings’ chief executive Andy Nock said there was significant interest in Stage One of the park’s development from a range of potential occupants involved in food manufacturing, bioenergy, covered horticulture, research and development, and trades training that could see the production of low-cost community and social housing.

Between them these organisations had the potential to invest up to $70.8 million in establishing their businesses at the park. Far North Holdings hoped Stage One would attract more research and development to the district, create about 250 new long-term jobs, and equip about 50 people a year with high-value, transferrable skills.

Mr Nock said considerable effort had already gone into securing interest in the park from organisations that were either expanding or new to the district, that would offer new jobs to local unemployed people, and whose activities would complement the ‘closed loop’ aspiration of the development. This involves tenants using the innovations and unwanted by-products of other businesses on the site, to avoid additional demand on already-stretched community services such as potable water, raw water, waste-water treatment and waste management services.

“Today’s announcement by the government is a massive leap forward for the project,” Mr Nock said. “We are deeply grateful to it for the confidence it has demonstrated in what we are trying to achieve here for the economic and social wellbeing of our district.”

He said it was important for people to understand that all involved with this project still had a lot of work to do to secure the critical mass of commercial occupants to make the Ngawha Innovation and Enterprise Park project viable.

“The park needs to be future-proofed to provide something unique to attract the interest of businesses to a region where we do not have the ecosystem or infrastructure to support business growth,” said Mr Nock.

“We are doing this by providing a physical location for research and development agencies and on-site, bespoke training, and by taking an environmentally responsible approach to this development through our closed loop aspirations. These are central attractions for the businesses interested in locating in Stage One.”

A large team comprising staff from Far North Holdings, Northland Inc, government agencies, iwi, sector specialists, engineers, architects and planning and economic development experts has developed the business case for the park. It has also built a masterplan designed to provide the ‘closed loop’ system over several stages of development.

An innovation and education centre will provide office accommodation for iwi and businesses, and space for research and development providers who will collaborate with primary sector organisations, park occupants and local businesses to add value to their production.

The centre will also contain state-of-the-art communication technology, conference and education facilities so providers can deliver on-site and on-the-job education and training. This will ensure that locals can be trained to fill the positions available, and employers at the innovation and enterprise park can access the skilled workforce they need.

Technical and operational update #1: 15 February 2021

Far North Holdings is set to implement parts of a long-shelved plan to develop the waterfront at Paihia in the Bay of Islands. It has received $8m from the Provincial Growth Fund (PGF) to build breakwaters that will protect waterfront infrastructure, including the town’s wharf and main road, and utility services such as sewage and water.

Far North District Council (FNDC) has earmarked an additional $5.3m to the project. This would enable development of the recreational area and restoration of the beach between the wharf and Nihonui Point if this is what the community wants.

This was once the most popular beach in the area but is now almost completely eroded. Timing around the availability of this funding, and therefore the work associated with it, has yet to be confirmed by the council.

The design and components of the waterfront redevelopment will be subject to input and prioritisation by the community and FNDC. Options include an expanded and enhanced recreational area, a cycleway, a promenade, inter-tidal beach steps, shelters and seating.

A 170m breakwater will extend from Motumaire Island towards Nihonui Point in the north-west and a 200m section will sit between Motumaire and Kuia Rongouru (Taylor Island) to the north-east, with breaks in or at the ends of the structure.

The design was altered after consultation with the late Emma Gibbs-Smith, kuia of Te Pēwhairangi/Bay of Islands. The breaks will allow marine life unfettered access around the islands and better maintain the independence of the islands without compromising the breakwater’s ability to protect the Paihia waterfront from damaging wave action.

Existing proposals feature groynes at each end of the re-nourished beach to help reduce future erosion and retain the beach.

If the beach is reinstated Far North Holdings will use 25,000m3 of dredge material from within the area encompassed by the breakwater. This is material that has been eroded from the beach over past decades and washed seaward, shallowing the area. It will be topped with 20,000m3 of fine sand from Pahi.

Chris Galbraith, Far North Holdings’ general manager, said the Paihia waterfront development project had stemmed from conversations the company had many years ago with business and community leaders in Paihia. They wanted to enhance and improve the Paihia visitor experience, to re-position Paihia to attract tourism in light of a more competitive period ahead.

The plan was consented and granted Ministerial approval in October 2010, after a 10-year process of research, consultation, planning and design. But it was shelved while the company focused on other projects such as the development of the Opua Marine Park, Bay of Islands Marina and tourism infrastructure in the Hokianga.

Depending on community input, some relatively minor aspects of the original design may need to be changed. In this case Far North Holdings will consider the merits of seeking amendments to the consent and advise the community accordingly.

Other commercial aspects of the original consented design will not be developed at this stage. These include additional buildings and a southern wave attenuator with berths. Chris Galbraith, Far North Holdings’ general manager, said it was possible that the company would revisit these at some point in the future.

Far North Holdings aims to put all work out to public tender late this year and appoint contractors. Public procurement processes will govern the awarding of contracts and Far North Holdings is expecting several local contractors to bid for the project.

At this stage it is anticipated that construction will start late this year and take 24 months to complete. Mr Galbraith said work would be scheduled to create as little disruption as possible over peak tourism periods.

He said the breakwater would protect the considerable investment that had gone into the recently-refurbished and expanded Paihia Wharf.

“We’ve all seen recent images of tidal surges and storm swells bashing into this vital piece of infrastructure,” he said. “Paihia Wharf is the busiest in New Zealand, in terms of passenger traffic, after those in Auckland’s Viaduct. Some 45 local maritime businesses rely on it directly for their livelihoods. The tourists who use it go on to use the services of thousands of other tourism businesses across the region. So it’s a significant public asset.

“We were able to persuade the PGF to spend $3m on upgrading it recently and this additional funding will enable us to protect that investment for the benefit of ratepayers.”

Far North Holdings will project manage and facilitate the development. The community will decide which components will be developed with the funding available, using an approach which has yet to be defined. A working group comprising local individuals and organisations will help deliver this.

Far North Holdings aims to host three community meetings in the week of 10 August to brief Paihia residents on the plans and to answer questions about the various components of the development. Details will be advertised on social media and in local newspapers. Further community meetings will be held at regular intervals once work starts.

Written project updates will be provided monthly once work starts and will be shared both on social media and on the Far North Holdings website.

Grant Harnish of community group Focus Paihia said: “As a Community Trust we are thrilled that our community will be so involved in deciding which of the consented waterfront components of the development will be created with the money that has been granted. This furthers our goal of making Paihia an even better place to live, work and visit.”

Charles Parker, Chairman of the Bay of Islands Marketing Group, welcomed today’s announcement and said an improved waterfront would lead to a better visitor experience, which would lead to more guests and more repeat visitors.

Belinda Ward, Chair of the Bay of Islands-Whangaroa Community Board, said: “We look forward to working with the community and Far North Holdings to advance the next stage of the Paihia Waterfront Masterplan for all the Far North district to enjoy.”

Paihia Waterfront FINAL Community Meetings

Consultation – 2008.03.01 Cultural Report APP.005454.11.01 (A1351360)

Consultation – 2003.11.09 Meeting notes – Emma Gibbs

Consenting – List of Submittors for Pahia Waterfront Development

Consenting – Final Environment Court Decision

Consenting – 2010.05.14 Environment Court rejects E Gibbs-Smith further submission

Consenting – 2010.03.11 E Gibbs further submission – not signing MOU

Consenting – 2010.01.26 Signed MOU

Consenting – 2009.10.05 Mediation Update

Consenting – 2009.05.28 E Gibbs notice to be party to proceedings

Consenting – 2006.11.21 E Gibbs statement of claim. Kaitiaki

BECA Wave Study Report 18 Oct 2011

Bellingham Marine Wave Assessment and Waterfront Protection Recommendations

Improvement of Paihia Wharf and Shoreline Report June 04

MetOcean Horotutu Beach Design

NRC coastal erosion hazards Te Tii Bay (updated)

Paihia Waterfront Artist Impression

Paihia Waterfront Draft Enhancement Concept

Paihia Waterfront Existing Situation

Paihia Waterfront Original Resource Consent 2011

Haigh Workman 2019 Project Summary (updated)

Paihia Waterfront Project Summary Image (updated)

Paihia Waterfront Revised Resource Consent Sept 2011

Paihia Waterfront Wider Bay Proposal

Plans of what the Paihia Waterfront Development might look like, subject to input and prioritisation by the community. Options include a re-nourished beach, an expanded and enhanced recreational area, a cycleway, a promenade, inter-tidal beach steps and disabled access, shelters and seating.

We are working with Council and the Community Board on a Master Planning exercise for Kaitaia, which hopes to revitalise parts of the town.

We are privileged to be part of the team helping to bring into being the redevelopment of the venerable Te Waiariki Ngawha Springs near Kaikohe. We supported the Parahirahi Ngawha Waiariki Trust in the planning stages of the $4.3m project and compiled for the Trust their application for PGF and Foundation North funding, which was successful.

Subsequently, we have  managed the Building Consent application process for the Trust and are now project-managing the construction. We’re on track for the scheduled project completion date of early December.

We were delighted to lend our skills and expertise to this project as it ticks all the right boxes for us; it will deliver employment, economic, cultural and social outcomes, it will support the growth of our District, and it will enable the local community.

In addition to the work we undertake in our own right, our team provides project management services to the Far North District Council on a range of Council-owned and Council-commissioned projects involving the re-development and upgrade of various items of marine infrastructure around the District.

These include the development of new maritime facilities at Rangitane, near Kerikeri.

The Provincial Growth Fund’s COVID-19 Response ‘Shovel Ready’ fund has granted $2,450,000 for the construction of a reclamation that will provide much-needed recreational boating access to the Bay of Islands for the people of, and visitors to, the area.

It is envisaged that this will comprise 16 trailer parks, 12 car parks, a double-width boat ramp with central launching pontoon, and reconstruction of the existing jetty and pontoon.

The Far North District Council (FNDC) is contributing $1.18M towards the project.

There is an existing boat ramp here but the steep angle of the ramp makes it difficult to use. There are also no marked trailer parking spaces, leading to trailers being parked on the road shoulder – which is hazardous. The existing jetty is in disrepair.

The nearest public boat ramps are Doves Bay and Opito Bay. Both these facilities have insufficient parking during peak periods. FNDC is currently undertaking a district-wide study of boat ramp parking facilities to confirm the extent of the issue.

Next steps are to progress the detailed design and to apply for Resource Consent later this year. If Resource Consent is granted the objective is to complete this project in 2022.

Members of the community are welcome to provide feedback on the proposed design to community stakeholder manager Al Wells (

We are in the early stages of investigating the opportunity for Far North-branded honey in various important export markets. We are working with a Chinese distributor to see if we can establish a presence there and we are also examining the US and United Arab Emirates markets. If we are successful the potential exists for us to help local honey producers access and sell into these lucrative markets.

Far North Holdings is project-managing the installation of the physical infrastructure for a property development on Kellet Street; roading, telecommunication connections, water and sewerage connection, etc.

Links to plans:

Consent Decision – Amended and Recieved 7 October
NRC Consent
Plan of site Stage 1
Plan of site Stage 2
Plan of site Stage 1 and 2 Sept 2019

The company’s plans for this land were extensively publicised within the community, and discussed by the community, over a period of many years.  We also briefed members of the Whangaroa Bay of Islands Community Board on several occasions over this period.

The initial Consent application was lodged and publicised on social media, in regional print media, on the FNHL website, and with the local community group Love Opua.

FNHL provided plans and artist impressions and asked for public feedback and comment through a number of public mediums. Despite inviting feedback from the community, no word of protest was received for a full 18 months while FNHL continued the Consenting process with Council. The first indication of community resistance to the project appeared after we announced that the Consenting process was complete.

Here is a breakdown of various items of communication and engagement:

Slide covering FNHL Opua Plan presented at the Love Opua AGM of 2015 at which Community Board members were present.

Invitation to a Love Opua meeting on 7 March 2018, at which we outlined the proposed Kellet Street development.

Feedback from Love Opua to the 7 March meeting.

The company’s original news release of 23 May 2018 in which we informed the community about plans to apply for Consent, and invited community feedback.

Social media discussion about the announcement of 23 May 2018. Facebook analytics informs us that this post ‘reached’ 2,765 people, with 672 of those ‘engaging’ with the post in some way.

An email to FNDC Councillors (Bay of Islands), dated 23 May 2018

An email to the Bay of Islands – Whangaroa Community Board Chair and the local representative on that Board, dated 23 May 2018

Regional Print Media

Presentation to Love Opua on 26 March 2019

In addition to the work we undertake in our own right, the team provides project management services to the Far North District Council on a range of Council-owned and Council-commissioned projects involving the re-development and upgrade of various items of marine infrastructure around the District. These include:

  • Rangitane Maritime Facilities development (further information available in this section of our website)
  • Pukenui Wharf re-development – demolition of the existing concrete wharf and replacement with a new concrete wharf, pontoon and service jetty.
  • Unahi Wharf re-development – demolition of the existing timber wharf and replacement with a new concrete wharf, berthing piles and concrete pontoon.
  • Te Karaka Wharf upgrade – additional structural piles, replacement timber deck and new concrete pontoon.
  • Motuti Boardwalk pontoon – installation of new plastic pontoons to enable better connectivity to the Motuti marae.
  • Rangi Point development – construction of a new, 152m-long concrete wharf with pontoon. This will improve connectivity to the isolated Rangi Point community.
  • Mangungu Wharf upgrade – additional structural piles, replacement deck and new concrete pontoon.
  • Rangitoto/Windsor Landing development – construction of a new, sealed access road and carpark to provide public access to the existing boat ramp and jetty. Includes 18 trailer parks, seven carparks, stormwater infrastructure and landscaping. This is the only FNDC-maintained public boat ramp on the south side of the Kerikeri Inlet and will support access to the nearby NRC mooring area. Project scheduled for completion in April 2021.

We aim to provide further information in this section of our website about each of these projects in due course.