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Investing in 
our region's future 

Delivering returns and regionwide prosperity

We strive to support the future growth and prosperity of our region by investing in key infrastructure assets that are commercially viable and environmentally and socially sustainable.


Our dedication to integrating responsible investing principles into our investment decisions is rooted in our determination to drive dividend growth, alongside positive social outcomes for the communities we serve and invest in.

Regional Asset Growth & Impact

Growth & Reinvestment 

In 2014 Far North Holdings Limited’s assets were valued at $53m, a decade on in 2024 these are now valued at $186m. ​

We operate with the dual mandate of responsible and profitable business practices, whereby 50 per cent of our annual net profit is returned to FNDC to supplement rates income, with the remaining 50 per cent used to reinvest in infrastructure or new business ventures.

By securing crucial government grant funding for key projects across the region, we save FNDC millions in asset development, construction and management costs.

Over the last 10 years, Far North Holdings Limited has secured and grown over $133m in regional assets.

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Regional Investment vs Bank Interest rates 

After a decade of strategic and focused investments, across the region, both the rate and value of our portfolio return has far exceeded the typical bank interest rates.

Investing funds via the bank over the last 10 years at a typical rate of 6% would have resulted in a return of $15m.

We’re proud to have spearheaded regional project development, to deliver and grow assets that average a growth rate of 15%

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Economic & Community Outcomes

We stand by our commitment to deliver tangible benefits to our community, including local whānau, businesses and ratepayers. 


In addition to the direct positive impact new assets deliver - such as social housing or improved wharf facilities, our investments also continue to have wider reach to uplift and support the community.


Our asset portfolio provides increased employment, with over 650 jobs active via projects and assets, with education and training opportunities created via Ngawha Innovation and Enterprise Park.


The developments we undertake provide a continual flow of construction work for contractors and sub contractors throughout the region, resulting in over $200m in associated in works.

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