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Progress for Western Village Development Kaitaia

Far North Holdings Ltd and Claud Switzer Memorial Trust (CSMT) are excited to announce plans to build much-needed homes for Te Hiku residents over 50, subject to Resource Consent and Ministry of Housing & Urban Development approvals. 

The proposed Western Village development will provide 28 one-bedroom units in Kaitaia, to house 1-2 people per unit or new homes for up to 56 community members. With an increasing population  and a growing housing register, the new housing project offers an innovative solution to the region’s housing crisis.

CSMT manager Tina Mills said supporting the community, with a focus on opportunities to build more homes for the aged and needy, aligned with the vision of the organisation and its namesake, the late Claud Ivon Switzer.

“We are very aware of the housing needs of our people in the Te Hiku community,

specifically for those in need aged 50+,” Mills said.

“In line with the Eden philosophy we embrace at Switzer, we are passionate about creating authentic human habitats that uphold an individual’s right to a life full of purpose, connection, empowerment, and possibility, regardless of age or changing abilities.

“We are therefore very excited to be able to get this project off the ground to ease some of the burdens on individuals and their families in the area.”

The Claud Switzer Memorial Trust or ‘Switzer’ (as it’s commonly referred to) was established in 1955 per the wishes outlined in the will of the late Claud Ivon Switzer of Mangonui, who died in 1954.

The original 14-bed care home on South Road is the only care facility in Te Hiku and has grown to become an 83-bed residential care facility, including a hospital and memory loss unit, a community program service for healthy elderly (and those living with dementia), plus short-term respite care, carer-support, convalescence and rehabilitation.

Mills said after attending an FNHL presentation on the future planning of Kaitaia Community Projects, Switzer saw an opportunity to become a registered Community Housing Provider (CHP).

“The pathway to continuing to provide housing was to become a CHP and FNHL has helped guide, support and advise us to achieve this accreditation,” Mills said.

“The CEO, management team, board of trustees, and FNHL have worked tirelessly over the past 18 months to assemble a robust plan and all the required supporting documentation

for the application. 

“We are proud to share that we are now one of only two organisations in Northland to have been successfully approved as registered Community Housing Providers.”

Far North Holdings Ltd CEO Andy Nock said FNHL was always looking to work with communities around Te Tai Tokerau, with the goal of generating long-term beneficial outcomes.

Nock said he was proud of what the Switzer housing partnership had achieved and hoped to partner with others in Te Tai Tokerau to achieve CHP status. 

“FNHL is all about helping to create prosperous, thriving communities and for this to exist we need to be developing homes that provide their residents with quality of life and healthy living conditions. This can only be achieved by partnering with the local organisations who understand the needs of individuals and families living in those communities,” Nock said.

“It takes a lot of work to achieve CHP status, so by partnering with FNHL we can help walk organisations through that process.

“FNHL believe this is the best way to help deliver a solution to the current housing crisis in the region and address the housing shortage that currently exists.” 

The proposed 28 units have been designed to be accessible (8 fully accessible and 8 partially accessible with the balance being a standard home design. The homes will support independent living, while encouraging health, well-being, and community among tenants.

The community housing project will include functional landscape design consisting of extensive fruit trees and vegetable gardens, a covered gathering area, recycling and parking facilities.

The project is expected to be completed by August 2025.


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